YogDev was founded by a passionate group of individuals with an immense admiration for yoga.

As long-term yoga followers we have loved watching our yoga communities grow, however, we were dismayed to see an increase in low-grade yoga props flooding the market.

It seemed like you could either pay an arm and a leg for your yoga mat or buy something cheap that would have to be replaced frequently.

Having spent countless hours trying out new yoga props, we decided that we could be a part of the solution and offer yogis what they were looking for: high-quality yoga props that are affordable.

And so YogDev was born.

YogDev is a combination of the word “yoga” which means “union” and “deva” which means “god.” We know that everyone is human but wanted to speak to how yoga can help people work towards connecting to their higher self.

We know from personal experience what a powerful practice yoga is and we want to share our love of yoga with you.

So take a look around and enjoy all the benefits our awesome and affordable yoga props have to offer!


The YogDev Team