Corpse Yoga Wheel Pose

Just when you thought the most dreamy pose in yoga could not get any better, in comes the YogDev Yoga Wheel. You can now finish off your yoga practice practically floating on air.

Getting in: You will need 3 YogDev Yoga Wheels for this pose. Sit upright with your knees bent and both feet on the floor. Lift up your legs and position one YogDev Yoga Wheel under each knee. Place the remaining wheel at the base of your spine with your hands on the floor for support and drape your upper body over the wheel. Release your head down toward the floor and stretch your arms out beside you at a 45° angle.

Alignment: Your legs can be hip width apart or wider; pick something comfortable. Make sure the YogDev Yoga Wheel that is supporting your upper body is evenly supporting your spine.

In the pose: Give yourself a couple of breaths to settle in and allow your body to be supported evenly by the three wheels. Let your breathing get softer and try not to drift off as you enter a state of deep relaxation.

Getting Out: With the help of you arms lift your torso up slowly from the wheel underneath your back then remove each of the wheels from underneath your legs. You might find it feels right to take a traditional Corpse Pose to allow your spine to return to neutral after spending time supported by your YogDev Yoga Wheel in this gentle backbend.

Variation(s): Add a cloth or small pillow under your head for additional neck support and an eye pillow for an added feeling of calm.

Benefits: Corpse Pose is a deeply restorative pose. What that means is that it calms down your nervous system so you body can enter a place of deep relaxation. It is the “rest and digest” state where your body can do repairs and maintenance work without having to process a lot of external stimulation. Practicing it with YogDev Yoga Wheels has the added benefit of giving you a greater feeling of lightness and relaxation. The two wheels under your legs take pressure off your low back by releasing your hip flexors. The gentle backbend created by the wheel supporting your spine helps to dissipate tension and stress that tends to build up in the chest. The best part is, you can stay here as long as you like!

Contraindications: Avoid using the YogDev Yoga Wheel under your spine if you have back issues. However, you are still able to use the wheels under your legs to release the hip flexors and alleviate tension in the back.