Yoga Wheel:

What’s the difference between a yoga wheel and a foam roller?

Foam rollers are traditionally used to help massage out tired or sore muscles; our yoga wheels are designed to assist with mobilizing your spine and back while helping you to build strength in your muscles.

Can the yoga wheel alleviate back pain?

Yes! The primary function of the YogDev yoga wheel is to relieve tension in your back by opening up tight muscles. Just make sure you get an okay from a medical practitioner before using a YogDev yoga wheel to help manage back pain.

How big is the yoga wheel?

Our yoga wheels are 12” diameter and 5” thick making it best suited for yogis between 5’ and 6’5” tall.

What is the yoga wheel made of?

The YogDev yoga wheels is made of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers – mix of rubber and organic polymer) on the outside and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) on the inside. We use high grade 6mm thick TPE padding (similar to yoga mats) to provide extra cushioning.

What’s the maximum load the yoga wheel can support?

The maximum load the wheel can support is 300lbs. Our yoga wheels are durable and designed to last.

How portable is the yoga wheel?

Weighing in at just over 3lbs, our yoga wheels are lightweight and easy to bring to class or to pack in your suitcase to take to your next yoga retreat.

Yoga Towels:

How is a yoga towel different from a regular towel?

Our yoga towels are super-absorbent and quick drying with none of the bulk of a regular towel. Where are cotton gets heavy when wet and takes forever to dry, our towels stay light and dry quickly.

What size are the yoga towels?

Our yoga mats are 72” long x 26.5” wide. They will fit perfectly on top of your yoga so you won’t have to adjust it ever during practice.

Can I machine wash and dry the yoga towels?

Yes you can. Our towels are durable and designed to maintain their shape and colour even with frequent washings. Wash on a cool setting with like colors and avoid using fabric softener. Dry on low heat and your towel will be ready for you to sweat again!

Are your yoga towels lightweight?

They sure are. Our towels are made from lightweight, moisture-wicking microfiber that weighs only 400 grams. Light enough to carry around in your yoga mat bag for sure!

What colors do your yoga towels come in?

Our towels come in grey and blue. Check back for more colours arriving soon.

Yoga Mats:

What are your yoga mats made of?

All of our double layered yoga mats are designed from eco-friendly PVC materials.

Do your yoga mats contain latex?

We make every effort to keep out yoga mats latex-free, however, we cannot guarantee that trace amounts of latex will not be present in our yoga mats.

How do I clean my yoga mat?

Simply spray your mat down with a natural mat cleaner post practice and give it a wipe. For a deeper clean, submerge you mat in a bathtub, rinse it off in the shower or toss it in the wash on cool. Once it’s had a proper wash, hang it out of direct sunlight to dry.

Does the smell go away?

Over time the smell coming from your yoga mat will fade. It’s not toxic but you can help it along by hanging your mat out of direct sunlight after practice to air it out.