5 Ways the Yoga Wheel Can Improve Your Yoga Practice

Do you ever find yourself looking for ways to expand your yoga practice? You’d like to try some more advanced poses, increase your flexibility, or maybe you’d just like a new way to relax at the end of the day. Look no further, because the Yoga Wheel has arrived! You may have heard of this trendy new tool recently; you might’ve even seen it on your favorite social media feed,and now we’re here to tell you how it can take your yoga practice to the next level.

The yoga wheel is a new tool that has a wide array of benefits designed to enhance your practice, no matter your flexibility or experience level. Let’s take a look at a few ways the yoga wheel can revitalize your yoga practice right away.

1.    Helps with alignment
If you spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk or at your laptop, then you probably find yourself looking for new ways to stretch your back at the end of the day. Rolling up and down the yoga wheel for a few minutes in the evening, and maybe even before work can help to re-adjust your spine from all that sitting. This will make all those hours at your desk much more comfortable and your back will undoubtedly appreciate it!

2.    Deeper openings
If you’re someone that loves a good heart-opener, the yoga wheel might be your new best friend. Using the yoga wheel to open up the upper back will deepen your heart-openers, not only expanding your chest more deeply, but opening up the front of the shoulders and your core. Not only does this open the heart, but it expands at the solar plexus as well, where the Manipura Chakra lies, encouraging self-worth, confidence, and empowerment. You can also use the yoga wheel to open up your oblique muscles and side-body.

3.    Increases flexibility
Have you been working on getting into Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel/Upward Bow) pose? This advanced backbend can be intimidating, but with the yoga wheel challenging backbends such as Wheel pose and Kapotasana (Full Pigeon) become much more accessible. No matter the depth of the backbend, the yoga wheel serves as a great prop or preparatory tool to help you achieve any backbend you’re working towards.

4.    Provides stability
If you’re working toward forearm balances, the yoga wheel can help you there as well. You can use the wheel to provide extra stability while working into your forearm stands by holding onto the wheel, allowing it to supplement your balance, giving you the chance to think more about your core and less about falling over!

5.    Strengthens core
We use our core in just about every single yoga asana, so why wouldn’t we want to strengthen it? The yoga wheel can be incorporated into a variety of different yoga poses to supplement your core work. You can place it under your feet in plank pose, balancing poses, and arm/leg extension poses. Who knows, you might be lifting yourself into that handstand sooner than you thought after trying these extra core exercises!

The yoga wheel is not only a beneficial, but also a fun addition to your yoga practice.
It’ll have you opening and strengthening in ways you’d never thought before, and it can also bring a little more relaxation and flexibility to your body.

Author: Hailing from California, Anna is a writer, yoga teacher, and avid traveler. She loves spreading good vibes throughout the yoga community and soaking up as much sunshine as she can in her free time. Connect with her at www.annaschoener.com

Anna Schoener

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